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Custom Tartan Gael Bag

Custom Tartan Gael Bag

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This is the perfect toiletry bag for travelling!  It fits all of your essentials.  The outside is made of authentic 100% wool Scottish tartan and leather.  The inside is a heavy weight canvas and there are two slip pockets, one on either side.  All of the tartan and canvas has been reinforced with a heavy weight interfacing so that the bag keeps its structure. There is also a metal frame at the top of the bag so that the mouth opens nice and wide and stays open!

The dimensions of the closed bag are:

8 1/2" wide
5 1/2" tall
4" wide at the bottom of the bag

Custom Tartan Bag Order Process

* Please note that custom orders are closed until mid-October.

* If you are looking for a bag with a custom Harris Tweed® fabric, please see the Custom Harris Tweed® listings in each collection for immediate purchase.

Thank you for your interest in purchasing a custom tartan Misneach bag! Please note that my custom order process for tartan bags has changed to decrease the waiting time.

Please consult the list of available tartans to see if I have the tartan you are interested in. Even though I may have your tartan on my list, I may not have enough of that tartan in stock to make your preferred bag. Depending on the tartan, I may be able to order more from Scotland, but please note there will be an additional $20 charge and it may take 6 weeks or longer to receive the tartan from Scotland.

All of the bags are shown as "sold out".  However, if you would like to inquire about a custom tartan bag, at the bottom of each page, there is a box that says "Make a Custom Tartan Bag Request Here". Please fill out the required information. I will review your request and get back to you within 48 business hours and we can go from there.

If you are ordering a bag with tartan, please ensure that you indicate the tartan by the specific name listed in my tartan document.

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