Collection: Tweed & Tartan Offcuts

Harris Tweed® and tartan scraps are MUCH too beautiful to go to the landfill. Here at Misneach I try to reduce my waste as much as possible. One way I do that is by saving these delicious offcuts and giving them a new lease on life with other artisans.

Each bag of tweed and tartan scraps contains 400g of 100% wool Harris Tweed® and tartan offcuts. In most bags, there is more tweed than tartan. The pieces are longer, skinnier strips that I cannot use in my own bags. Most would be 2" or less in width. But some cuts may be quite long. These cuts are suitable for things like rug hooking, garland wreaths, making rosettes or other small goods.

No two bags are alike. The mix of fabrics you'll receive will be varied and I cannot guarantee any particular tartan or tweed.

A note on shipping. Shipping costs are through the roof these days. To ease the pain, in Canada I can offer flat rate shipping of $18.00 in a small flat rate box. Each of these boxes will fit two 400g bags. The medium flat rate box is $23.00 and can fit 4 400g bags. These flat rate boxes ship anywhere in Canada.

Shipping to the US, one 400g bag is $15.00 CAD to ship and more than one is $25.00 CAD. 

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