Market Totes

As part of my One-off Wednesday series this summer, I introduced the Market Tote, thinking it would be a fun one-off. Little did I know the demand for this bag would be huge and that they would sell out in minutes!
I am now offering Market Totes through a waitlist system.
These are the terms of the signing up for the Market Tote waitlist:
✨ Each Market Tote colour has its own waitlist. Sign up to the list for the colour tote you would like. 
✨ You need to register an account on my site to sign up for a wait list. The app I am using to manage the wait list requires this. When you sign up to a wait list, you'll be asked to register with an e-mail and a password. Once you do this, you'll get an e-mail confirming you are on the wait list. You'll then receive a separate e-mail inviting you to register for your account. 
✨ I will take orders from the wait list based on a combination of two factors:
  1. First come, first served across all bag colours. There is a time stamp for each wait list entry, so I'll know who signed up first.
  2. Colour availability. Colours may sell out. So while you may have signed up ahead of someone else, if your colour isn't available, someone else may get their bag first. As soon as your colour restocks, you'll be notified.
✨ When it's your turn, you'll get an e-mail inviting you to purchase your bag. Click the link to purchase your bag. Remember, your account needs to be registered in order to purchase. You'll have 48 hours to make the purchase. If you don't purchase within that time frame, your spot will go to the next person on the list.
✨  I can't make any structural modifications to the bags. I'm so sorry. I know I used to do this, but I can no longer accommodate changes given how much time they take to plan and execute (they usually require a prototype to make sure they will work). I hope you understand.
✨  Bags will ship within 10 business days of your paid order.
Once I start taking orders from the waitlist, I plan to make Market Totes weekly, so the lists should move fairly quickly. 
The measurements of the Market Tote are:
21” across at the top of the bag
14” high 
5” deep
15" handle drop