Market Tote Pre-Order

Welcome to the Market Tote Pre-Order! 

As part of my One-off Wednesday series this summer, I introduced the Market Tote, thinking it would be a fun one-off. Little did I know the demand for this bag would be huge and that they would sell out in minutes!

I am now offering the bags on a pre-order basis, meaning that they will be made to order. I will be offering many of the tweed colours from the original drops, as well as some new ones. 

These are the terms of the pre-order:

➡️  Pre-Order opens on September 6th (Labour Day) at noon EDT.

➡️  I will list the maximum number of bags I can make with each tweed. Once they are sold, they are sold. I will be re-ordering more tweed after I launch and get a better sense of which tweeds are most popular.

➡️  I can’t make any structural modifications to the bags. I’m so sorry. I know I used to do this, but I’m just so busy that it’s no longer something I can accommodate given how much time modifications take to plan and execute (they usually require a prototype to make sure they will work). I hope you understand.

➡️  Turn-around time is 3-4 weeks. I will definitely aim to have them completed sooner, but I have no idea how many orders will be placed and I want to make sure that I don’t make promises I can’t keep.

The measurements of the Market Tote are:

21” across at the top of the bag

14” high 

5” deep

15" handle drop