Custom Orders

Custom Order Process

Thank you for your interest in purchasing a custom Misneach bag! Please consult the list of available tartans to see if I have the tartan you are interested in.I am able to order many tartans, so if I don't have yours, please inquire about a special order. 

I ask that if you are considering a custom tartan bag to please contact me before signing up for a wait list spot so I can confirm that I have enough of your desired tartan in stock. Discussing your ideas before signing up helps to avoid disappointment when it's your turn to order. Please send an e-mail to I can order more tartan, however it takes up to 6 weeks to receive tartan ordered from Scotland.

You can also consult the current list of Harris Tweed® fabrics and the list of current Rifle Paper Co. canvases

These are the terms of the custom order waitlist:
  • Each bag style has its own waitlist. Sign up to the list for the bag you would like. 
  • You need to register an account on my site to sign up for a wait list. The app I am using to manage the wait list requires this. When you sign up to a wait list, you'll be asked to register with an e-mail and a password. Once you do this, you'll get an e-mail confirming you are on the waitlist. You'll then receive a separate e-mail inviting you to register for your account. 
  •  I will take orders from the waitlist on a first come, first served across all bags. There is a time stamp for each wait list entry, so I'll know who signed up first. So, you may be #1 in line for a particular bag, but you may be #5 overall. If you'd like to know your overall place in line, please let me know!
  •  When it's your turn, you'll get an e-mail inviting you to purchase your bag. Click the link to purchase your bag. Remember, your account needs to be registered in order to purchase. You'll have 48 hours to make the purchase. If you don't purchase within that time frame, your spot will go to the next person on the list.
  • Wondering where your e-mail to purchase is? E-mails to purchase may end up in your junk folder, depending on your spam settings, so please check there. 
  • I can't make any structural modifications to the bags. I'm so sorry. I know I used to do this, but I can no longer accommodate changes given how much time they take to plan and execute (they usually require a prototype to make sure they will work). I hope you understand.
  • Bags will ship within 10 business days of your paid order (business days do not include weekends or Canadian/Ontario statutory holidays). The only exception is if I do not have your preferred tartan and/or tweed in stock.
  • To avoid disappointment, please e-mail at to discuss your fabric choices before signing up for the waitlist. I can special order many tartans, however, it takes about 6 weeks to receive them. Orders must be paid in full before I order tartan from Scotland.
  • Due to the personalized nature of custom orders, no returns or exchanges are accepted.
Limitations on Custom Orders
  • Unfortunately, I am unable to make any structural modifications to the bags listed. I understand the desire to have a completely customized piece, but with the volume of orders I currently have, I don't have sufficient time to make modifications, no matter how small. These modifications often require changes to other parts of the bag, which means that I often need to draft a whole new pattern to ensure the bag will be structurally sound.
  • I am unable to accept custom orders for pieces outside of my current line-up of bags. Creating a bag that I have not made before is a time consuming process and unfortunately, I no longer have the time to dedicate to making new products for a single order. 
  • I am unable to accept custom orders for non-bag items, such as clothing, dog collars, etc. These items are outside of my area of expertise.
Thank you so much for your understanding.